A Visual Roadmap to Social Media Success: An Analysis of the 2015 ‘#BellLetsTalk’ Initiative on Twitter

f37bcb_ee474143248e4ca596047966da28b00a.png_srz_p_630_373_75_22_0.50_1.20_0The Social Media Lab is excited to announce our collaboration with Drs. Alla Kushniryk & Amy Thurlow and their team at the Mount Saint Vincent University on their new project entitled “A visual roadmap to success: An analysis of the two-way communication in the social media space” funded by the Communications + Public Relations Foundation.

This project addresses the need in Public Relations theory and practice for deeper insights into how public relations can better integrate and measure the impact of two-way communication in the owned, earned or paid social media space. As part of this project, Drs. Kushniryk & Thurlow’s team is working with the Lab to capture and evaluate various visual and interactive “network maps.” The goal is to provide organizations that are active on social media with a new way to explore, analyze and understand their social media presence and impact.  To create these interactive network maps, the team is using Netyltic, an easy to use text analyzer and a powerful interactive network analysis and visualization tool. This tool is currently being developed at the Social Media Lab and is designed to capture, analyze and visualize social media data from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Cloud Storage, Text file and RSS feed.

For more information about this online network and information diffusion project, visit the PRMetrix project website and check out their analysis of the 2015 ‘Bell Let’s Talk’ Initiative on Twitter.