Loose Connections & the Strength of Weak Ties: How to Use Twitter & Blogs to Enhance Your Professional Academic Profile

This is a “Twitter and Blogging 101′ for novice. The advice is meant for academics who are thinking about venturing online but it can be useful to other professionals as well. (If you have a problem with viewing the embedded slide deck in this post, you can also view and download it directly from slideshare.net at: (http://www.slideshare.net/PhilipMai/loose-connections-and-the-strength-of-weak-ties-how-to-use-twitter-and-blogs-to-enhance-your-professional-profile)

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Presentation Outline

Wired Academia: Social Media & Scholars

  • Reasons Why Scholars Use Social Media

How to Use Twitter

  • Why you should join Twitter?
  • Loose Connections and the Strength of Weak Ties
  • What to put in your profile?
  • Whom to follow?
  • What to tweet about?
  • Some common Twitter questions.


  • Why you should consider blogging?
  • How to set up your own blog?
  • What to blog about
  • Things to keep in mind

For further reading, see also:  Gruzd, A. (2012). Non-Academic and Academic Social Networking Sites for Online Scholarly Communities. In Neal, D.R. (Ed.) Social Media for Academics: A practical guide. Chandos Publishing.