A list of our current and past projects in this category.

  • 2012 HFX Election

    [warning] Social Media Lab Situation Room – Sat. Oct 19, 3-9pm, Rowe 4025 Twitter Hashtags #HRMVotes  #voteHRM  #hfxpoli Our Blog Posts https://socialmedialab.ca/?s=hfx12 Our Visualizations http://netlytic.org/embed/?c=G2mdT76F9TJDVSEC&v=202 General resources about the election Official List (pdf)  – http://www.halifax.ca/election/documents/OfficialCandidateList.pdf Candidates by District (map) – http://thechronicleherald.ca/municipal2012 Wiki Page – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halifax_Regional_Municipality_municipal_election,_2012  http://www.reddit.com/r/halifax/comments/10tafe/does_anyone_have_any_opinions_on_the_mayoral/ General Info – http://www.halifax.ca/election/Voting.html#candidates   [/warning]  
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  • Political Polarization on Social Media

    Political Polarization in Social Media: A Case of Twitter and the 2011 Canadian Federal Election During the 2011 Canadian Federal Election, a lot was written about the influence of social media on the election. On some level this is not very surprising; in just a short period of time, social media have altered many aspects […]
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