Medical Network Visualizations

From Data to Knowledge: Discovery of Medical Laboratory Demand Patterns through Visualization Techniques

(Organizational Networks Research Initiatives) – Funded by a $15,000 grant from MITACS Accelerate, Investigator/Academic Adviser, 2011.

The Social Media Lab is collaborating with Dr. Calvino Cheng Incorporated and the Capital District Health Authority (CDHA) on this pilot health informatics visualization project. This research uses data visualization techniques and social network analysis to determine the status and efficiency of laboratory ordering for the outpatient system in Nova Scotia, Canada. Currently, the CDHA model demonstrates that approximately 60% of laboratory ordering originates in the outpatient setting and is costing the province approximately $3.3 million per month. The goal of this pilot project is to turn the vast amount of data in CDHA’s laboratory information system into usable information that allows CDHA to identify usage trends to better understand the future demands on lab testing, and allows policymakers more insight into the Nova Scotia primary care landscape.