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Welcome instructors! On this new page you will find a collection of case studies involving ethical, societal and legal issues associated with the novel use of social media data. In addition, you will also find a collection of video tutorials and sample assignments for our various social media data analytics tools. The featured resources on this page are free to use and are designed for instructors teaching courses such as marketing, business ethics, brand management, communications, public relations, social media/data analytics, business analytics or data science, etc.

Case Studies: Ethics of Social Media Data Use by Third Parties

Tutorials and Sample Assignments


New to Netlytic? Netlytic is a text and social networks analyzer that can automatically summarizes public conversations and discover communication networks from social media posts. It uses various APIs to collect public posts from Twitter and YouTube. It can also supports the analysis of your own datasets. Below are some great resources to get you started.

  • If you are looking for a creative way to introduce students to social media data and social network analysis? We have prepared a set of sample assignments.
  • We have a number of video tutorials to walk you through how to set up a free Netlytic account, import data from a variety of social media sources, and conduct text and network analysis with your data.

New to Communalytic? Communalytic  is a research tool designed to study public discourse and toxicity in Reddit communities. It can collect, analyze and visualize publicly available data from Reddit.

  • Watch our video tutorials to learn how to integrate publicly available data from Reddit into your teaching and/or research.
  • The tutorials will walk you through how to set up an account, import data from Reddit, and use the toxicity analysis, network discovery and data export features.
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