Social Media and MOOCs: Linking Online Identities and Content Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

Social Media is now part of the educational landscape. Some instructors are incorporating it into their lesson plans. But we still know little about how social media platforms are being used for formal and informal learning.

In a newly published paper, “Linking Online Identities and Content in Connectivist MOOCs across Multiple Social Media Platforms, we set out to develop and evaluate methods for learning analytics to detect and study collaborative learning processes.

In the study we examine data from two connectivist MOOCs (or cMOOCs) to figure out how to link multiple online identities of learners and their contributions across several social media platforms.  Our goal was to study students learning behaviours in open online environments. We encountered many challenges in the collection, processing, and analyzing the data; results are presented here to provide others with insight into such issues for examining data across multiple open media platforms.

The paper is produced as part of a five-year SSHRC-funded initiative on Learning Analytics for the Social Media Age (#pLASMA) and is being presented this week at the 2016 World Wide Web conference in Montréal, Québec, Canada (April 11-15, 2016).

For more information, check our our conference presentation slides below or download the paper here .