How Fake News Spreads Through Online Social Networks: A #CRAMTO 2019 talk by @Gruzd #RyersonU #ThisIsTRSM

The following video is an animated network visualization of just a day worth of election interference campaign activities on Twitter by the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA).

Watch as fake accounts controlled by the Russian Internet Research Agency/IRA (represented here as red dots), duped unsuspecting Twitter users, including American politicians & political activists, into conversations and help to spread their misinformation and divisive messages. One measure of the IRA effectiveness is the growth of the network over time. Notice how large the network becomes at the end of this clip compared to the beginning. Also keep in mind as you watch the video that this is visualization is just a snapshot of a single day of IRA activities on Twitter in the lead up to the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Note #1: @TEN_ GOP: Fake acc. controlled by Russian IRA masquerading as the unofficial Twitter account of the State of Tennessee Republicans.
Note #2: Nodes(dots) = Twitter users; Red nodes = IRA-associated accounts; Ties/connections = retweets, replies or mentions;
Note #3: The dataset is a subset of tweets shared by Twitter in 2018:… To learn how to create your own network visualization of tweets over time, see how to do it using Netlytic and R: