The Social Media Lab is Pleased to Announce the Appointment of Dr. Jenna Jacobson @jacobsonjenna as a Research Fellow

The Social Media Social Media Lab at Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Jenna Jacobson as a Research Fellow. The appointment is for a three-years term, renewable.

As a scholar, Dr. Jacobson brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the position. She received her PhD from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Information and recently completed a one-year Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Social Media Lab. Dr. Jacobson is also an incoming Assistant Professor at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Retail Management. Her research analyzes the consumer and producer perspectives of digital technologies with a focus on social media, branding, and user behaviour.

As a Research Fellow, Dr. Jacobson will lead the development of new research initiatives individually and in collaboration with other researchers at the lab. She will also continue her collaboration with the lab on a Canada Research Chair (CRC) funded initiative called “Social Media Data Stewardship“ led by Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd, Director of Research at the Social Media Lab. This initiative examines the emerging practices and users’ attitudes towards the collection and analysis of social media data by third parties such as governments, employers, journalists, and marketers. In addition, Dr. Jacobson will serve as a Full Paper chair for the 2019 International Conference on Social Media & Society and will be helping to edit the various publications associated with the conference.