Social Media Lab Welcomes New Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Jenna Jacobson @jacobsonjenna

We are pleased to welcome a new member to the Social Media Lab – Dr. Jenna Jacobson.

She joins us from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Information where she recently completed her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Leslie Regan Shade. In her dissertation, Dr. Jacobson analyzed emerging professional social media work to identify the changing landscape of work and personal branding in an age of social media.

Dr. Jenna Jacobson will be joining the lab as a Postdotoral Fellow, working with Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd, the Social Media Lab’s director of research and other lab members on a Canada Research Chair funded project called “Social Media Data Stewardship“. This project examines how we collect, store, analyze, publish, and preserve social media data. The broad aim of this project is to better understand how privacy and data use are perceived by social media users in relation to how their own data is being collected and used by third parties, including governments, employers, journalists, and marketers. It will provide companies and decision-makers with a clear framework for collecting and using social media data for business and research purposes. In addition, Dr. Jacobson will also be co-chairing the Lab’s annual International Conference on Social Media & Society and helping to edit the various publications associated with the conference.