2016 Ryerson Social Media Lab Visiting Scholars

2016 Social Media Lab Visiting Scholars

Scholar Program4The Ryerson Social Media Lab at Ted Rogers School of Management is pleased to announce the the appointment of five leading and emerging  social media researchers as Visiting Scholars for 2016. The recipients were selected for this award through a competitive process. During their time in residence, the Visiting Scholars will have an opportunity to further their own research, as well as develop and complete a collaborative research project with members of the Lab. The scholars will also be invited to join ongoing research discussions at the Lab and will be connected to the Lab’s international network of social media researchers. To learn more about this year’s cohort, please follow the links below.

We wish to congratulate the following recipients:

  • Irfan Chaudhry
    Research Collaborator
    PhD student Dept. of Sociology, University of Alberta | Instructor, MacEwan University, Edmonton, Canada |  PROJECT:  #HateOnline: Using social media to examine discourses of racism and xenophobia online  
  • K. Hazel Kwon
    Research Collaborator
    Assistant Professor, School of  Social & Behavioral Sciences and in-coming Faculty at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication | Arizona State University, USA |  Project: Swearing Contagion in Social Read More.
  • Lina M. Gomez Vasquez
    Visiting Scholar 2017
    Assistant Professor, the School of Social and Human Sciences, Universidad del Este, Puerto Rico. |  Project: How #hcsm healtcare community uses Instagram and Twitter to communicate with each other and with the public.
  • Raquel Recuero
    Visiting Scholar 2018
    Associate Professor at the Communication and Linguistics Department at Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPEL/Brazil) and at the Post Graduate program of Communication and Information at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande Read More.
  • Laurie Bonnici
    Visiting Scholar 2018
    Associate Professor, University of Alabama | Project: Social Media & Health
  • Bree McEwan
    Research Collaborator
    Associate Professor, Communication, DePaul University, USA | Project: Developing measures to assess the “strength of weak ties” in online social networks.
  • Olga Boichak
    Visiting Scholar 2018
    Ph.D. Candidate at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs doctoral program in Social Science (Syracuse University) | Project: Examining the Ukrainian diaspora on Facebook to understand what motivates Read More.
  • Barry Wellman
    Distinguished Visiting Scholar 2017-18
    Netlab Network | Founder of International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) | Professor(ret.) – Department of Sociology, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Mark Klein
    Visiting Scholar 2016
    Principal Research Scientist, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence; Research Scientist, University of Zurich |  Project: Using Crowd-Sourced Deliberation Mapping to Enable More Powerful Social Media Analytics 
  • Celine Yunya Song
    Visiting Scholar 2016
    Assistant Professor,  Department of Journalism, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong |  Project:  A Longitudinal Study of Discussion Networks on Weibo: Polarized Opinions on Genetically-Modified Food
  • Staci Zavattaro
    Visiting Scholar 2016
    Associate Professor, College of Health and Public Affairs, University of Central Florida, USA | Project: University Use of Social Media: Communicating the Brand Identity 
  • Anne Suphan
    Visiting Scholar 2018
    Research Associate at the Institute for Law and Social Sciences at the University of Honenheim, Germany.

About the Social Media Lab Visiting Scholars Program

The Visiting Scholar Program at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University provides a unique opportunity for scholars to further their own research, as well as develop and complete a collaborative research project with members of the Lab.  The program is an important part of the Lab’s effort to analyze and understand how social media is changing the ways in which people communicate and disseminate information and how these changes impact the social, economic and political structures of modern society. 

The Visiting Scholar Program runs biennially and will be accepting application once again in Sept 2017. Please click here for more information about the Program and how to apply.