#TRSM #Ryerson Social Media Lab Visits Twitter Canada HQ


Did you know 500 MILLION tweets are sent everyday?

The Social Media Lab was honoured to visit the @TwitterCanada Headquarters in Toronto on September 2. It was a special experience to be at the heart of Twitter and get to meet some of the employees who truly love all things Twitter. We walked past life-size cutouts of notable Twitter celebrities (like Katy Perry, William Shatner, and Justin Bieber), admired the fully catered cafeteria that has food available all day, and most importantly learned about the experiences of Twitter entering and thriving in the Canadian market.

At the Social Media Lab, we love data of all kind so the amazing social media data available at Twitter made us all a little excited (if not envious)! 8 members of the lab enjoyed the tour including: Anatoliy Gruzd, Philip Mai, Marc Esteve Del Valle, Jenna Jacobson, Nicolas Lin, Carlisle Kent, Gokul Sundararajan, and Shawn Menzies.

A special thank you to our fabulous host Cam Gordon (@cam_gordon) who is the Senior Communications Manager who invited us to explore the Twitter nest.