Social Media Lab’s Dr. Gruzd Awarded 50k Grant to Research & Develop “Social Digital Infrastructure for Wired Academics”

GRAND 2012The Board of Directors of the GRAND NCE has awarded Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd, a $50,000 grant for 2013 to research and develop “Social Digital Infrastructure for Wired Academics”. Dr. Gruzd will be working on multiple research collaboration projects within GRAND, all of which are aimed at helping academic researchers to connect to each other and to industries within Canada and beyond.

One of the social digital infrastructure tools that Dr. Gruzd is developing is AcademiaMap, a Twitter information dashboard that helps scholars to filter the “noise” from their Twitter streams. The dashboard uses various “influence” metrics to help scholars identify trending topics and interesting voices from their Twitter stream. This tool is intended to help scholars share research and scientific content, discuss trends in their field, and to disseminate scholarly publications.

GRAND is a research network and commercialization engine whose goal is to address complex issues in digital media and transform multidisciplinary research into user-centred solutions. GRAND explores the use and application of digital media in a variety of settings including entertainment, healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, and public policy.

GRAND is a federally-funded Network of Centres of Excellence supporting 34 research projects divided into 5 cross-pollinating themes involving researchers at 26 universities across Canada with more than 60 industry, government, and nonprofit partners.

For further information, please contact Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd [email protected]