Dal Social Media Lab Member Catherine McGoveran (@kittmcg) Wins SSHRC Storytellers Challenge!

Recently, SSHRC launched the first-ever Research for a Better Life: The Storytellers challenge. As part of this challenge, students across Canada were invited to submit their most compelling story about an innovative, SSHRC‑funded research project being carried out at their institution. A jury selected the Top 25 from among the creative entries that included video, audio, infographic and text‑based stories.

One of the winning entries came from our very own Catherine McGoveran. Catherine is a graduate student in the Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) program at Dalhousie University, and a member of the Social Media Lab. Catherine`s video submission  “Making sense of a Networked World”, puts a spotlight on SSHRC-funded research projects being conducted here at the Dalhousie Social Media Lab. Catherine will receive a prize valued at $3,000 and an invitation to a special communications workshop at Congress 2013 in Victoria, BC. While at Congress 2013, Catherine also has the chance to deliver her pitch in a “three-minute-thesis”-style talk at the Storytellers Showcase, competing for one of five slots to deliver a featured presentation at this year’s World Social Science Forum in Montreal.

Congratulations Catherine!

[notice]For more details, check out the Dal News profile of Catherine and her work with the lab.[/notice]