We are Delighted to Announce Four New Members of the Social Media Lab Team!

We are delighted to announce four new members of the Social Media Lab team: Madeline Driscoll, Ryan Dyck, Catherine McGoveran, and Tomasz Niewiarowski.

Madeline Driscoll has an English degree from St. Francis Xavier University and is currently in the joint Master of Library and Information Studies and Master of Public Administration program at Dalhousie. Madeline joined the Lab because she is interested in the ways people communicate with each other and spread information using social media. Her current work with the Lab includes developing text-based classification/coding schemas for Netlytic that can be used to analyze online messages in different contexts.



Ryan Dyck obtained his BA in history and philosophy from the University of British Columbia and is now in the Master of Library and Information Studies program at Dalhousie. Ryan joined the Social Media Lab because he wants to explore how networking and connections can be established online, and how certain tools can be used to understand how people use the information they receive, how they influence our decisions, and how they can track and monitor events. Currently, Ryan is working on updating the Social Media Lab’s Research Discovery Map (rDmap) to include new faculty and their interests. rDmap is a web-based application that visualizes existing and potential research connections among university researchers.


Catherine McGoveran studied Canadian politics and French at Carleton University and is currently a student in the Master of Library and Information Studies program at Dalhousie. Catherine was interested in joining the Lab to learn more about social media use in politics, particularly during elections. As a Lab member, she will be creating an inventory of social media research tools, writing blog posts, and providing support for various web design projects.




Tomasz Niewiarowski has a strong background in computer science, with an undergraduate degree in this field and as a current Master of Computer Science student at Dalhousie. Tomasz’s research interests include machine learning, natural language processing, and visual analytics. Building on these interests, his current work at the Lab includes developing new graph visualization tools for text mining and social network visualization.



Please join us in welcoming our new members!