Announcing Special Issue on Measuring Influence in Social Media

American Behavioral Scientist

Special Issue on Measuring Influence in Social Media


Anatoliy Gruzd <[email protected]>, School of Information Management, Dalhousie University

Barry Wellman <[email protected]>, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto


The American Behavioral Scientist (ABS) invites submissions for a special issue on Measuring Influence in Social Media. The issue will deal with the notion of ‘influence’ in online and offline social networks with a particular focus on social networks formed and maintained on social media sites. Much of the difficulty in understanding influence in social networks (especially in social media) has to do with the inability to define influence, and then distinguish it from a number of other factors. For example, is it the actual content of a message being exchanged that exerts the most influence on users? In other words, can user-behavior within social media networks be explained in terms of users seeking useful information for some discrete and identifiable purpose? Or, conversely, is it the nature and/or context of the relationship between exchanging actors that exerts influence on user behaviors? That is, can user-behavior be explained in terms of users being influenced by celebrity or prestige, for example? Questions like these will be at the center of this special issue.

April 30, 2013 – Submissions are due

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