Build It & They Will Come: Creating a Reading Community on Twitter, a new study by @gruzd & @Dr_Rehberg_Sedo

“#1b1t: Investigating Reading Practices at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century”

…is a newly released study by Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd, Director of the Dalhousie Social Media Lab and Dr Rehberg Sedo, Associate Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University in the latest issue of Mémoires du livre  / Studies in Book Culture. The study uses text analysis and social network analysis to examine how Twitter is being used by readers to create vibrant and interactive reading communities online. The study documents how book lovers share their reading experiences on Twitter and shows how the introduction of social media has fundamentally changed reading practices in the 21st Century. The link to the full article can be found here.



The rise of social networking sites and initiatives such as the One Book, One Twitter book club (#1b1t) make it much easier for readers to share reading experiences on a scale and in a fashion that would not previously have been possible. This paper examines people’s changing reading practices in the age of online social networking. In particular, it aims to describe and explain online conversations around a book called American Gods, the first book of the Twitter book club. Using the automated text analysis and social network discovery software called Netlytic, this study pinpoints a particular time in history that opens new conclusions about the spread of knowledge, education, culture, and ideology. An analysis of the more than 14,000 “tweets” about American Gods provides insight into this world-wide reading group phenomenon, which is now in its second year.