Trends in Scholarly Communication & Knowledge Dissemination

It is no secret that Social Media (SM) has become mainstream in recent years, and their adoption has skyrocketed. As a result of their growing popularity, numerous studies have been conducted on how the general public is using SM. However, very little work has been done on how scholars are using and adapting to these new tools in their professional life. In an attempt to fill this gap in the research literature, the Social Media Lab recently conducted a comprehensive online survey to discover if, how and why scholars are using these new media for communication and knowledge dissemination. In particular, we focused on how academics in the social sciences use social media tools for professional purposes, and the implications that this might have on the future of scholarly communication and publishing practices in the age of social media.

Below are some highlights of the survey results:

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Gruzd, A., Goertzen, M., and Mai, P (2012, Feb 1). Survey Results Highlights: Trends in Scholarly Communication and Knowledge Dissemination in the Age of Social Media Social Media Lab Report (Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada)