SciVerse WebApp Concept Design Competition – Winners Announced

We are pleased to announce the winners of the first ever SciVerse WebApp Concept Design Competition hosted  by the  Social Media Lab at Dalhousie University. As part of this competition, which is unique in Canada, over 50 students from five different programs  (Library and Information Science, Computer Science, Health Informatics, Electronic Commerce and Engineering) at Dalhousie, competing in 19 teams, had to develop and present an original idea for a new web application for  Elsevier’s new SciVerse search and discovery platform. Some of the submissions will eventually be developed into full fledged apps.  All 19 of the poster submissions can be found on Slideshare. And now with no further ado, the winners are listed below.

First(1st) Place – $1,500

Application Name: “BlobCube” (App Description)

Team Members: Raheleh Makki, Ozge Yeloglu, Axel Soto from the Faculty of Computer Science

Second(2nd) Place – $1,000

Application Name: Snippets (App Description)

Team Members: Laura Dukowski, Terry LeBlanc, Craig MacEachern from the School of Information Science

Third(3rd) Place – $500

Application Name: MiSTeRy Visualizer (App Description)

Team Members: Farhan Jamal Khan and Ishan Patel from the Faculty of Computer Science

Dalhousie News story:–apps-.html