Election Updates from the Nova Scotia Twitterverse

To see how the election is being talked about on twitter, we are following a number of twitter streams for specific ridings and regions.The ridings of: Dartmouth, West Nova, Halifax, and South Shore/St. Margaret’s, have all been labelled as interesting ridings to watch because of their status as contested ridings, or districts that are expected to be up for grabs. To see what Nova Scotians and other Canadians are saying about these four ridings on twitter, we have been monitoring discussions about these ridings by collecting all tweets which mention #elxn41 and the riding name. Looking more closely at the Halifax riding (using #halifax and #elxn41), Stan Kutcher, the liberal candidate, is proving to be the most popular topic of discussion. Among tweets with the hashtag #halifax and #elxn41, he has been mentioned and/or retweeted a total of 153 times so far. His past involvement with the drug Paxil has been picked up by tweeters and is being negatively discussed in the #halifax #elxn41 twitterverse. West Nova (“west nova” and #elxn41) and South Shore/St. Margaret (#sssm and #elxn41) are two contested ridings in Nova Scotia and are being closely watched because of this. It is interesting that in both the hashtag #stopharper is one of, if not the, biggest trends in tweets for these ridings. The #got2vote hashtag is also very popular, along with declarations of “I just voted”, serving no doubt to encourage citizens to vote. Another riding to watch is Dartmouth (#dartmouth and #elxn41). Tweets focused on this riding are proving to be interesting because of their focus on youth voters. Tweets mentioning “students” and “votemobs” are common in this stream of tweets, showing a strong push to encourage young voters to come out and vote in this election.