Election Updates from Facebook


It is election day in Canada, and many Facebook users are taking the opportunity to share opinions on their walls. After examining common trends, it appears that many individuals are promoting the fact that they voted in the election, and are telling others to do the same. This seems especially true of younger Canadians, who are encouraging their peers to head to their polling stations and make their voices heard. For example, individuals are stating that “[they] just voted for the first time! And there [is] no excuse not to vote, the voting place was less than a minute away.” Others have mentioned the fact that they “just voted for the first time [and] feel so grown up.” It appears that the circumstances surrounding the election are also bringing out voters who have previously neglected making a trip to their local polling station. One individual stated that “I just voted!! First time and I am 33, that’s terrible I know.” Many posts state sentiments along the lines that there is no excuse not to vote, and in many cases, are speaking about the fact that voting is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. There is reference to the fact that many individuals around the world have died for the right to vote, and in many cases, are still denied this civic right.

In terms of party affiliations, there appears to be quite a number of individuals who state that they are either in favor or opposed to the NDPs or the Conservatives. Many individuals have even gone as far as to post pictures of Jack Layton or the NDP logo as their profile photos. It is not surprising that these two parties seem to be the most heavily mentioned, given numbers which have appeared in the media over the past several days. The trends that are currently being observed in Facebook posts seem to mirror those broadcast in various mass media platforms.