Information & Social Networks Symposium 2010 @ Dalhousie University

    On Monday, October 4th, 2010, the Social Media Lab organized the first ever symposium on Information & Social Networks at Dalhousie University. The event was a phenomenal success and attracted over 75 members of the greater Dalhousie community. The attendees had an opportunity to learn more about Social Networks Analysis and how it can be used to better understand our modern networked society.

    The symposium showcased the diversity of Social Networks Analysis (SNA)-related research at Dalhousie University and beyond, featuring talks by researchers from a variety of disciplines including Information Management, Business, Computer Science, Sociology, Biology, Mathematics and Statistics. The keynote talk, entitled Behind The Paradigm Shift Towards a Networked Society, was presented by Dr. Barry Wellman from the University of Toronto.

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