Blogging with CONTEXT: A recommender system for bloggers [Presentation at #IIiX2010]

Last week I attended the ‘Information Interaction in Context Symposium‘ held in New Brunswick, USA.

At the poster session, I and my student Justin Wong (left in the photo) from the University of Toronto,  presented our ongoing work on the development and evaluation of a context-aware information retrieval system for blog authors called CONTEXT.

The main goal of this system is to inform the blogger in real time of other related discussions that are going on in the blogosphere or elsewhere and give her/him a chance to be part of the ‘global’ conversation and thus improve his/her entry by incorporating some of the suggested resources into a post. As a blogger writes a post using CONTEXT, the system automatically retrieves and displays links to web resources (web sites, news stories, video, etc) that are relevant to the bogger’s entry. CONTEXT continuously monitors the blog post for new search keywords to find and display the most relevant resources to the blogger. Our expectation is that CONTEXT will lead to more interactive and content-rich blog entries, in which bloggers are not just expressing their own opinions, but they are also addressing each other and building on each other’s arguments and ideas.

The next step in this work is to design and evaluate a version of this tool for scholars who are blogging about their research and might benefit from automated recommendations of published articles and unpublished resources  such as

You can find our poster at The paper is published in the conference proceedings by ACM at

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