– discover, manage and share references faster! is a website and desktop application that helps you discover, manage, and share references, and simultaneously make connections with other researchers.

Though similar in many ways to other reference management systems like and and, Mendeley sets itself apart from these other sites by offering many unique features.

Perhaps the most innovative of these features is the social network that it creates between its members and their reference databases; unlike other reference management systems, Mendeley combines its reference library with a social network of peers. The site thus provides not only a database for users to compile and organize their references, but also a platform from which to share these references, and to make new social connections in the process.

The following are some of the other interesting services provided by

Mendeley has the ability to automatically retrieve abstracts, document details, and keywords from documents and take bibliographic information directly from a number of external databases like CrossRef, PubMed and Google Scholar. Furthermore, Mendeley can also import directly from bibliographic databases like ISI Web of Knowledge, ScienceDirect, and EBSCOhost which makes your data even more portable and useful. Once you’ve imported your references, you can launch full-text searches for all of your documents, tag and annotate them, and automatically synchronize your library with your Mendeley web account. Mendeley will also tailor its content, statistics, and article recommendations to you based on your existing library.

Mendeley makes it equally easy to share references with your colleagues or with other Mendeley users. The site allows you to create either shared collections or public collections, depending on what your sharing needs are. Shared collections are great for sharing documents amongst your colleagues or members of a research team. A shared collection allows you to upload files to which only a selected set of people have access to. Each member of the shared collection can contribute by adding new papers, updating document details and annotating files. If you wish to simply publish a reading list or list of recommended papers, public collections are ideal. These allow you to simply manage a collection of references that anyone can subscribe to, and they will receive updates when you make changes.

Mendeley’s features are enhanced by the social nature of the site; in addition to collecting and managing your references, your activities on the site can include maintaining your public profile, browsing the public collections of other members, searching for articles based on user statistics, etc. Outstanding services, combined with an extensive network and an easy-to-use layout, make Mendeley a site worth checking out.