Scholar Program4The Social Media Lab, part of the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, invites academic researchers at any stage of their career and senior PhD candidates for a short-term (1-4 month) research visit to the Lab. A visiting scholar will have the opportunity to further their own research at  our Lab, as well as develop and complete a collaborative research project with members of the Lab. During the program, visiting scholars will be able to interact with the Social Media Lab’s academic community, both at Ryerson University, in Toronto, and beyond, through our international network of expert collaborators. Visiting Scholars will be active participants in ongoing discussions, and in the Social Media Lab’s community. They will also have the chance to explore Toronto – Canada’s largest and most multicultural city.

When and How Do I Apply?

Applications are accepted every other year between September 1 – December 15, 2017, 2019, 2021. Successful candidates will be notified by January 30th of the following year.

To apply, please:

  1. Complete the Visiting Scholar Program Application Form (The Application Form is embed on this page. If you don’t see it, follow this link.) ===>
  2. Email a copy of your CV to
  3. If this is a student application, please also ask your supervisor to email a support letter to

Summary of the Information Needed to Complete the Application Form  

The Application Form will ask you to briefly outline a short-term joint research project that you can start prior to your visit and complete while at the Lab or shortly after your visit. Here are a few of the items that you will need to provide on the Application Form:

  1. Propose a start/end date for your visit (1 month minimum)
  2. Study objectives
  3. Research question(s)
  4. Originality of the proposed research
  5. Methods
  6. Have you done any previous work in this area; if yes, please describe.
  7. How do you see the Social Media Lab contributing to the project? (e.g., help with the data collection, analysis, etc). Please be specific.

Other requirements

It is expected that a visiting scholar will spend a minimum of 1 month in Toronto during which time they will participate at research meetings and events hosted by the Lab, give 1-2 talks about their research to the Ryerson community, and produce a joint research paper resulting from the collaborative project described above.

Funding and other accommodation

The Lab has two funded and two self-funded openings for the Visiting Scholar Program.

For the two funded positions, up to CAD$4,000 will be provided towards travel and lodging expenses in Toronto. (It is also recommended that visiting scholars secure some additional external funding to support their research and any travel expenses over CAD$4,000.)

A visiting scholar will be assigned a desk in the Lab with a desktop computer, Internet access, and access to the library online resources.

Visa Requirements

All international visiting scholars must obtain a visa and/or work permit. As requirements depend on the country of origin, please refer to for more information. If selected for the Visiting Scholar Program, the University will issue a visa invitation letter.