Digital scholarly publishing with is an online social networking site for scholars with a focus on the field of media studies.  The site’s main purpose is to promote scholarly digital publication while discussing any topic in the context of the ‘scholarly circulation of discourse’.  The creators hope that the promotion of digital-only scholarly publication will eventually reap professional[…] Wiki-based peer-reviewed publishing is here!

Because of Wikipedia‘s popularity and its ease-of-use, similar sites for scholars are popping up such as,, and Google’s knol. This week, we are reviewing one such site – Scholarpedia‘s founders compare the site to an online journal, stating “initial authorship and review are similar to a print journal so that Scholarpedia articles [can][…]

Learning from Archivists 2.0

“Social media are not just tools for getting out a message” On June 14th, the Association of Canadian Archivists held its annual conference last week. This year’s meeting was in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where some 250 delegates from across the country and around the world gathered for four days. Social media played an important role[…]