msPic2 A One Stop Shop for Research Methods Scholars

Methodspace is a free scholarly networking site created by SAGE in 2009 for students, scholars, and researchers interested in the area of research methods. The majority of scholars registered to this site are from the United States but there are a significant number of members from all around the world, with members from India and[…]

Scientific Networking and Microblogging with

With the growing popularity of Twitter, new microblogging sites are popping up which cater to specific communities. is one such site, developed for the scientific community to network, communicate, and share the latest developments in their field(s).  It has been compared to FriendFeed and Twitter, but was developed by one of the CEOs of[…] – discover, manage and share references faster! is a website and desktop application that helps you discover, manage, and share references, and simultaneously make connections with other researchers. Though similar in many ways to other reference management systems like and and, Mendeley sets itself apart from these other sites by offering many unique features. Perhaps the most innovative of[…]