Digital scholarly publishing with is an online social networking site for scholars with a focus on the field of media studies.  The site’s main purpose is to promote scholarly digital publication while discussing any topic in the context of the ‘scholarly circulation of discourse’.  The creators hope that the promotion of digital-only scholarly publication will eventually reap professional[…]

Scientific Networking and Microblogging with

With the growing popularity of Twitter, new microblogging sites are popping up which cater to specific communities. is one such site, developed for the scientific community to network, communicate, and share the latest developments in their field(s).  It has been compared to FriendFeed and Twitter, but was developed by one of the CEOs of[…] – social networking site for scholars is a social networking site that allows scholars to share their work, stay connected to their colleagues, and find people around the world with similar research interests. The site, used primarily by researchers, professors, and graduate students, allows users to create a profile which can be customized to include information such as research interests,[…]