Social Media Lab Summer Talks

Please join us on Tuesday, July 23, 1-2pm at the Social Media Lab (Faculty of Management, ROWE, Suite 2010, Room 2021) for two great talks at Dal this week. The speakers are Dr, Nesrine Zemirli from King Saud University (Saudi Arabia) and Elizabeth Dubois from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), University of Oxford (UK). Both scholars[…]

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Bilingualism, meet Twitter (by @eeohalloran)

* Note: This article originally appeared in New Brunswick’s provincial newspaper, the Telegraph-Journal, and is being re-posted here as a guest post with the permission of the author.  We hope you find it as interesting as we did. By Erin O’Halloran, Principal & Information Specialist, CloudScout Information Services New Brunswick has an opportunity to do[…]

Google+, the New Facebook for Professionals?

Google released their new online social networking site earlier this month, Google+, to much buzz. Tech blogs and experts were tweeting, blogging, and commenting on the pros and cons of this new network, and speculating whether the barely three-week-old site will last.  Earlier attempts by Google to enter the social networking space with services such[…]

The Ties That Bind: Can Social Media Support Activist Campaigns?

Social media is used for a wide variety of purposes; these can include anything from maintaining friendships, sharing interesting or entertaining tidbits of information, or political campaigning.  A relatively recent phenomenon is the use of social media to raise awareness for activist causes. However, the use of social media as a means to incite activism[…]

To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

What does the word live or classical theatre bring to mind? Possibly something simple like a stage and curtains, a dark auditorium, an over-the-top Broadway musical or maybe even Shakespeare, and most likely something from another era. Few today would associate classical theatres with something as modern and now as online social media sites (OSM)[…]


How Newsrooms Use Social Media

Recent uprisings in Africa and the Middle East have been interesting examples of how online social media (OSM) can be used to collect and disseminate breaking news. Twitter in particular, has become indispensable in sourcing timely news.  Aljazeera, for example, is one major news publisher benefiting from these user generated news updates. They have imbedded[…]