Guest Talk: Strategic opinion leaders: A “just-in-time” approach to a politically informed citizenry

Join us on Friday, February 27, at 2:15 for the guest talk by Elizabeth Dubois (University of Oxford’s Internet Institute) on political opinion leaders on social media. The talk is hosted by the Social Media Lab at Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University. See details below.   Title: Strategic opinion leaders: A “just-in-time” approach[…]

[New Paper] Investigating Political Polarization on Twitter: A Canadian Perspective

Investigating Political Polarization on Twitter: A Canadian Perspective by Anatoliy Gruzd, Ryerson University and Jeffrey Roy, Dalhousie University URL: DOI: 10.1002/1944-2866.POI354 Abstract This article investigates political polarization in social media by undertaking social network analysis of a sample of 5,918 tweets posted by 1,492 Twitter users during the 2011 Canadian Federal Election. On the one hand, we[…]

Alert the Media! We Found the Journalists!

Where in the world is… It has taken an entire election campaign, but it looks like NS journalists are finally joining the online discussion about the Nova Scotia election and are beginning to actively interact with Twitter users. In our first blog post and in a Sun TV Battleground interview we noted the absence of journalists and[…]


#NSpoli, partisans patting themselves on the back?

When we think about tracking political discussion on Twitter, inevitably two questions come up. Who is talking? And what are they talking about? In our first post Who is #NSpoli?, we started to answer the “who” question. In that post we showed that the NDP and their supporters were more engaged in the #NSpoli chatter relative to other political parties and[…]

#NSPOLI Chatter and ‘Looming’ Provincial Election in Nova Scotia

Increasingly, Canadians are turning to social media to follow political events and campaigns, and to engage in discourse with one another on these topics. Political figures such as federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi have used social media to drive their campaigns forward, employing tools such as Twitter and Facebook to[…]

Tweeting on #tarsands: Examining the Northern Gateway Pipeline on Twitter

Every day, more environmentalists are utilizing social media tools, such as Twitter. Despite this increase, little is known about environmentalists’ use of Twitter. This study focuses on how Twitter is used by environmentalists to discuss a current Canadian environmental issue: the Northern Gateway Pipeline. To answer this question, I conducted a text analysis of the[…]