Social Media Lab Summer Talks

Please join us on Tuesday, July 23, 1-2pm at the Social Media Lab (Faculty of Management, ROWE, Suite 2010, Room 2021) for two great talks at Dal this week. The speakers are Dr, Nesrine Zemirli from King Saud University (Saudi Arabia) and Elizabeth Dubois from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), University of Oxford (UK). Both scholars[…]

[NEW STUDY] Investigating Biomedical Research Literature in the Blogosphere

Medical information and advice on demand 24/7. The internet is many things to many people, but for people who are sick or have a medical condition, it is a first-line medical adviser on-call. It has been estimated that almost 80% of Internet users have searched for health information on the web. Among web 2.0 applications,[…]


How Newsrooms Use Social Media

Recent uprisings in Africa and the Middle East have been interesting examples of how online social media (OSM) can be used to collect and disseminate breaking news. Twitter in particular, has become indispensable in sourcing timely news.  Aljazeera, for example, is one major news publisher benefiting from these user generated news updates. They have imbedded[…]

Election 2.0: Tweeting, Facebooking, Blogging and Checking-in

Will social media finally come into its own in this year federal election?  That is one of the many questions being asked by pundits and voters alike. Internationally social media have played an important role in many recent elections such as last fall mid term elections in the US and last year general election in[…]


MethodSpace.com: A One Stop Shop for Research Methods Scholars

Methodspace is a free scholarly networking site created by SAGE in 2009 for students, scholars, and researchers interested in the area of research methods. The majority of scholars registered to this site are from the United States but there are a significant number of members from all around the world, with members from India and[…]

Feed Shark

Promoting Your Academic Blog Online

Blogs have become an extremely popular form of information dissemination, and today many blogs exist on topics ranging from particle physics to the Twilight franchise. As a result of the explosion of the blogosphere, it has become more difficult to successfully market an academic blog, and develop a faithful audience devoted to reading about your[…]