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Anatoliy Gruzd Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd (Associate Professor-Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, Canada)
Twitter: @gruzd

Research Collaborators:

Dr. Barry Wellman (Director – Netlab, University of Toronto) (2008 – X)
Twitter: @BarryWellman
Caroline HaythornthwaiteDr. Caroline Haythornthwaite (Professor and Director – iSchool, University of British Columbia) 
Twitter: @hthwaite

Philip Mai, M.A., J.D. (Manager of Academic Communications,  Ryerson University, Canada)
Twitter: @PhMai



Matthew Herder (Assistant Professor – Faculty of Medicine, Schulich School of Law [Cross Appointed], Dalhousie University)
Twitter: @cmrherder
Dr. Jeffrey Roy (Associate Professor – School of Public Administration, Dalhousie University)





Dr. Xiao Hu (Assistant Professor – Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong)





Past Faculty Collaborators: 

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Visiting Scholars: 

Elizabeth Dubois

Elizabeth Dubois (PhD Candidate, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford) (Summer/Fall 2013)




System Admin:

Nathan LaPierre Nathan LaPierre (Dalhousie University, M.Sc. – Computer Science Candidate) (2013 – X)

Thesis Students:

Naureen Nizam (Phd Candidate, Dalhousie University, Computer Science Candidate) (2011- X)
Lama Khoshaim Lama Khoshaim (Phd Candidate, Dalhousie University,  Interdisciplinary PhD) (2013- X)
Anh T. Dang (Phd Candidate, Dalhousie University, Interdisciplinary PhD) (2014 – X)
Regina Collins (Phd Candidate, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Information Systems Candidate) (2011 – X)
Ben O’Bright (Phd Candidate, Dalhousie University, Political Science) (2014 – X)
Jenna Jacobson (Phd Candidate, University of Toronto, Faculty of Information – iSchool) (2013 – X)
Twitter: @jacobsonjenna
Nathan LaPierre Nathan LaPierre (Master’s thesis student, Dalhousie University, Computer Science Candidate) (2013 – X)

Research Assistants:

AndreaKampen1Andrea Kampen (Dalhousie University, Master of Library & Information Studies Candidate) (2013 – X)
LeeWilsonLee Wilson (Dalhousie University, Master of Library & Information Studies Candidate) (2013 – X)
Richard PannellRichard Pannell (Dalhousie University, B.Inf – Bachelor of Informatics/Sustainability Candidate) (2013 – X)
Andrey Kulakevich (Dalhousie University, BS – Computer Science) (2014 – X)

Past Thesis Students & Research Assistants:

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