Social Media

Should you do research with Twitter data? A Fireside Chat with @dhirajmurthy on his new book “Twitter: Social Communication in the Twitter Age”

Should you do research with Twitter data? What are some of the limitations and possibilities? Are there any ethical considerations? In light of the recent firestorm over the Facebook mood experiment, these questions around how researchers should handle social media data such as Tweets and Facebook posts are more relevant than ever. In this fireside chat recorded in London earlier[…]


Time to Get Social: Social Media for Academic

  Fellow profs, if you’ve been around students anytime within the last few years, you know social media is integral to their lives. They Facebook message each other (Yes, even in class!) and tweet pictures of their Friday night fun to their followers. Often, young people eschew email and phone calls in favour of texting[…]

Network Cables

I, You, We – Networked: The New Social Operating System

  By Lucy Bernholz By the end of 2012 there will be more mobile devices than people on the planet. This data point from Cisco Systems about our changing world is not mentioned in Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman’s excellent new book. There are two reasons for the omission: First, the statistic about cell phones[…]

Online Influence: The new currency?

Is online “influence” set to become the currency of the future? Some would say influence in general has always been a currency, just ask any lobbyists working in the corridors of power in capitals across the globe. Historically,  influence and authority have rested in the hands of a selected few. But over the past few[…]


Conferences Get Social Online @lanyrd

  (This post is  part of our continuing efforts to highlight and review social media sites and tools for scholars.) Conferences are an integral part of the working lives of scholars and professionals. But with the increasing demands of their work it is sometimes hard to keep up to date on the most important conferences[…]