Politically Polarized Online Groups and their Social Structures formed around the 2013-2014 crisis in Ukraine

The end of the Cold War in 1991 introduced a great change and a wave of hope for people living in Ukraine, a former Soviet Union republic. However, Ukraine’s transition to a modern and independent state has not gone smoothly. In 2004, the country experienced its first major political upheaval, popularly dubbed the “Orange Revolution.” Cries of “Razom nas bahato! Nas[…]

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The Multiple Facets of Influence: Identifying Political Influentials and Opinion Leaders on Twitter [New Study]

By  Elizabeth Dubois (@lizdubois) & Devin Gaffney (@dgaff) #171592241 / gettyimages.com Trace data (the bits of ourselves we leave behind when navigating the Internet) is exciting. It is exciting for academics who are permitted a unique view into the communicative processes of individuals. It is exciting for marketers who can develop better strategies based on new understandings[…]


How Civil are Frequent Posters in #Newspaper Forums? Implications for Forum Moderators & Online Discourse [New Study]

By Robin Blom (@RobinBlom), Serena Carpenter (@dr_serena), Brian J. Bowe (@brianjbowe), and Ryan Lange (@lange_ryan)   #182939194 / gettyimages.com   Read any comment section about a political topic on the website of a major news outlet, nowadays, and you’ll likely end up in a raging debate. Regardless of whether you agree with some of the positions,[…]

What does it mean to be #influential in the age of #socialmedia? New ABS Special Issue on Networked Influence

#147881015 / gettyimages.com Much of the difficulty in understanding influence in social networks (especially those formed on social media sites) has to do with the inability to define influence, and then distinguish it from a number of other factors. For example, is it the actual content of a message being exchanged that exerts the most influence on[…]

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Big Data & Society First Volume is Out

As a member of the editorial team, I am pleased to join my colleagues in introducing the first volume of Big Data & Society. It is now available at http://bds.sagepub.com/. This new open access journal was launched earlier this year with the aim to provide a scholarly venue for exploring this emerging field of practice. The[…]

[New Paper] Investigating Political Polarization on Twitter: A Canadian Perspective

Investigating Political Polarization on Twitter: A Canadian Perspective by Anatoliy Gruzd, Ryerson University and Jeffrey Roy, Dalhousie University URL: DOI: 10.1002/1944-2866.POI354 Abstract This article investigates political polarization in social media by undertaking social network analysis of a sample of 5,918 tweets posted by 1,492 Twitter users during the 2011 Canadian Federal Election. On the one hand, we[…]