Anatoliy Gruzd

Social Media Lab Director to Speak at the Annenberg School For Communication at the University Of Pennsylvania

The Director of the Ryerson Social Media Lab, Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd will be giving a seminar today and conducting a workshop tomorrow at the Annenberg School For Communication at the University Of Pennsylvania. The seminar (APRIL 9, 2015 12:00PM – 01:30PM) is on the “Use Of Social Media During The 2014 Crisis In Ukraine.” During a crisis like the one[…]


Media Multiplexity in Connectivist MOOCs: Examining the Role of Social Media in Collaborative Learning #LAK15

View image | Can social media usage enhance collaborative learning? That is one of the questions that Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd (@gruzd) of Ryerson University Ted Rogers School of Management and Professor Caroline Haythornwaite (@hthwaite) of the University of British Columbia are setting out to answer. With the help of collaborators Rafa Absar (@rafaabsar) at[…]

Anatoliy Gruzd

Social Media Lab Talk: Information Wars & Online Activism in the Ukraine Crisis

Join us on Friday, March 13, at 2:15 at Ted Rogers School of Management for a talk on “Information Wars and Online Activism During the 2013/2014 Crisis in Ukraine” by Dr. Antoliy Gruzd, Director of the Ryerson Social media Lab. The talk is based on a paper soon to be published in the journal Policy and Internet by John Wiley &[…]

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A Visual Roadmap to Social Media Success: An Analysis of the 2015 ‘#BellLetsTalk’ Initiative on Twitter

The Social Media Lab is excited to announce our collaboration with Drs. Alla Kushniryk & Amy Thurlow and their team at the Mount Saint Vincent University on their new project entitled “A visual roadmap to success: An analysis of the two-way communication in the social media space” funded by the Communications + Public Relations Foundation. This project[…]

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Join Us For a Discussion About Doing Research with Social Media Data Next Wednesday 02/11 in #Toronto

If you are in Toronto next Wednesday February 11th, join Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd, Director of Ryerson University Social Media Lab for a stimulating talk and discussion about doing research with social media data. The talk “Data Stewardship & Ethical Considerations” is part of the KMDI Speaker Series organized by Professor Mark Chignell, Director of the Knowledge Media Design Institute at[…]

Loose Connections & the Strength of Weak Ties: How to Use Twitter & Blogs to Enhance Your Professional Academic Profile

This is a “Twitter and Blogging 101′ for novice. The advice is meant for academics who are thinking about venturing online but it can be useful to other professionals as well. (If you have a problem with viewing the embedded slide deck in this post, you can also view and download it directly from[…]