Seasons of Discontent, The Arab “Spring” to the American “Fall”: The #occupywallst movement

On Sept 17th New Yorkers banded together to protest the U.S.’s economic crisis and comment on big businesses’ greed and financial irresponsibility. Unlike many recent North American protests however, in this one social media is proving to be irreplaceable. Like most modern demonstrations, social media has been vital for the organization of this event, but in[…]


Conferences Get Social Online @lanyrd

  (This post is  part of our continuing efforts to highlight and review social media sites and tools for scholars.) Conferences are an integral part of the working lives of scholars and professionals. But with the increasing demands of their work it is sometimes hard to keep up to date on the most important conferences[…]

Dr. Howard Rheingold (@hrheingold) on #Storify and the Egyptian Revolution

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a great summer, and relaxing vacations. To kick off the lab’s first fall post we have an interview with Dr. Howard Rheingold, a social media expert, director and professor at Rheingold U, and a lecturer in Stanford and U.C. Berkeley Universities’ departments of Communication and Information.  A couple weeks ago[…]

Google+, the New Facebook for Professionals?

Google released their new online social networking site earlier this month, Google+, to much buzz. Tech blogs and experts were tweeting, blogging, and commenting on the pros and cons of this new network, and speculating whether the barely three-week-old site will last.  Earlier attempts by Google to enter the social networking space with services such[…], where journalism and scholarship intersect

We have previously done some posts exploring how news rooms and journalists are using online social media (OSM) in their work. We have also focused on how scholars are using these tools in their research and collaboration. But where do these worlds meet? allows users to: aggregate content across multiple social media sites, arrange[…]


How Newsrooms Use Social Media

Recent uprisings in Africa and the Middle East have been interesting examples of how online social media (OSM) can be used to collect and disseminate breaking news. Twitter in particular, has become indispensable in sourcing timely news.  Aljazeera, for example, is one major news publisher benefiting from these user generated news updates. They have imbedded[…]