Building Community & Filling the Seats with #SocialMedia: Examining the Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s Use of Twitter @stratfest #stratfest

(Amanda Wilk is a former Research Assistant at the Social Media Lab and a recent MLIS graduate of the School of Information Management at Dalhousie University. This post is a summary of Amanda’s descriptive analysis of the Twitter interactions between the Stratford Shakespeare Festival and its patrons and supporters during the 2011 season. It is[…]

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Using Tweets to Predict Box Office Success #stratfest #broadway

Does the number of tweets a theatrical production receives correlate with its success, and can the tweets be used to predict a production’s popularity? In May I began a study examining the Stratford Shakespeare Festival’s use of Twitter. Over the past several months I have been using Netlytic, a web-based system being developed here at[…]

To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

What does the word live or classical theatre bring to mind? Possibly something simple like a stage and curtains, a dark auditorium, an over-the-top Broadway musical or maybe even Shakespeare, and most likely something from another era. Few today would associate classical theatres with something as modern and now as online social media sites (OSM)[…]

From Sea to Sea: Top 5 Most Cited Provinces Appearing in Tweets at #2011CanadaGames

The Canadian national motto – “A mari usque ad mare”, translates as “From sea to sea” is vividly being brought to life during this year Canada Winter Games here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The games are expected to bring together approximately 2,700 young athletes from every province and territory in Canada to compete for medals,[…]

Journalists use Social Media Platform #Audioboo to Report on Crisis in #Egypt

On January 25th 2011, Egypt’s history was forever changed with the start of wide scale protests calling for President Hosni Mubarak to step down after 30 years in power (Reuters, 2011). Three days later, the Egyptian government blocked the country’s internet and cellphone access in an attempt to muzzle the protesters’ cries for democracy, this[…]