rDmap – Research Discovery Map

rDmap is a web-based Research Discovery Map” application that visualizes existing and potential research connections among university researchers. The rDmap connects each faculty member to his/her research topics and their peers within their university.  The rDmap is designed to help faculty members quickly and easily identify potential collaborators and students to find potential supervisors for their thesis work or reading courses. It is also a great tool to help an organization take stock of their organizational expertise and share it with the world(* The link provided above is to one version of the rDmap designed specifically for Dalhousie University Faculty of Management).

rDmap is an ideal companion to the online directory of any large, complex organization.  For members of an organization, rDmap provides a unique visualization showing how individuals and topics of interest within a community are connected. For visitors or potential clients, rDmap offers a quick and concise way to find people and topics of interests. If you would  like to have a similar network map created for your organization, please contact us.