Below is an overview and links to our growing suite of web-based tools and apps. We welcome your comments and feedback.


  • Social Media Lab

    Social Media Research Toolkit

    This toolkit assembled by the Social Media Lab seeks to provide an overview of some of the many open access tools available for the study and analysis of social media and online communities. The table below presents the tools in alphabetical order and highlights the social media platforms they support and the features they provide.[...]
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  • Social Media Lab Logo

    Knowledge Discovery Apps

    Knowledge Discovery Apps for SciVerse and Mendeley platform – This initiative is part of our effort to open up the vast amount of bibliographic data and to make it available via the web. Our goal is to create new, easier ways for users to access and interact with bibliographic data. It is also an opportunity[...]
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  • AcademiaMap

    AcademiaMap – Online Influence Assessment App

    AcademiaMap is an Online Influence Assessment App designed for scholars.  AcademiaMap helps scholars to filter the “noise” from their Twitter streams using various “influence” metrics and gives scholars an easy way to identify trending topics and interesting voices to follow from Twitter. With one quick glance, scholars can assess the ‘influence’ level of a particular tweet[...]
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  • rDmap

    rDmap – Research Discovery Map

    rDmap is a web-based “Research Discovery Map” application that visualizes existing and potential research connections among university researchers. The rDmap connects each faculty member to his/her research topics and their peers within their university.  The rDmap is designed to help faculty members quickly and easily identify potential collaborators and students to find potential supervisors for[...]
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  • Netlytic – Social Networks & Text Analyzer

    Netlytic is a cloud-based text and social networks analyzer that can automatically summarize large volumes of text and discover social networks from conversations on social media sites such as Twitter, Youtube, blogs, online forums and chats. With Netlytic, you can: capture (or import) online conversational type data such as tweets, blog comments, forum postings and[...]
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