Social Media Lab Students Presenting at Atlantic Provinces Library Association Annual Conference

MLIS and Computer Science students Melissa Anez, Jennifer Grek Martin, and Sreejata Chatterjee from SIM’s Social Media Lab will be presenting on a panel at this year’s Atlantic Provinces Library Association Annual Conference (APLA 2012) in Wolfville, NS. APLA is one of the oldest library organizations in North America. APLA mission is to promote the interests of libraries, librarians, library technicians and information professionals in the Atlantic Provinces.

The students will be joined by Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd, Director of the Social Media Lab. The panel will highlight some of the current and past research initiatives at the Social Media Lab.

Jennifer Grek Martin (MLIS Alumna, 2011) will be presenting on:

Making Sense of a Networked Arda: Finding imagined Middle-earth in an online community

Sreejata Chatterjee (M.Sc. in CS Candidate, 2013) will be presenting on:

Melissa Anez (MLIS Candidate, 2012) will be presenting on: