Social Media Lab Announces New Research Grants: Tracking Digital Politics across Web 2.0 & Tracking Scholarly Collaborations

    “Social Media Campaigns: Tracking Digital Politics across Web 2.0”

    The Social Media Lab is pleased to announce a new research initiative with the Infoscape Research Lab at Ryerson University. Dr. Gruzd will be working in collaboration with Dr. Greg Elmer (Ryerson University) as PI and Ganaele Langlois (UOIT) as co-PI on a new five year $363,000 SSHRC funded initiatives: “Social Media Campaigns: Tracking Digital Politics across Web 2.0“. The project is designed to develop new theories, methods, and tools for the analysis of communication on and across social media.

    The project team will also include some of the world’s most accomplished scholars of new media and social media: Philip Howard (U. of Washington), Jean Burgess (Queensland U. of Technology), Axel Bruns (Queensland U. of Technology), Mary Francoli (Carleton University), Dan Pare (U. of Ottawa), and Joanna Redden (Infoscape-Ryerson University). Stay tuned for more information.

    25K Research Grant from GRAND to study Research Collaborations

    The Social Media Lab is also pleased to announce that it received $25,000 in research funding for 2012-13 from GRAND. GRAND (a Network of Centres of Excellence – NCE) is a multidisciplinary research network exploring the application and advancement of graphics, animation and new media in Canada. This funding will be used to hire and train a few graduate students to work on three different research projects within GRAND: NAVEL, MEOW, DINS. These projects examine different aspect of scholarly collaborations and share a common goal of improving and enhancing the connections between researchers from across Canada.